The only GPS-tracker that keeps you safe and protec ts your integrity. Created for all of us that travel in deserted areas, and want to be easily found , not spied on. It is ideal for all of us riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, horses and snowmobiles alone. It is also for the loved ones who worry.

We missed an app that could save our lives.

So we created that app, for ourselves and our loved ones. But also for you and the ones you care about. An app that does not track us all day, that do es not show where we have been, or have fast we have been going. An app that did not require the w orried one to remember webpages, passwords, logins and applications.

Super easy tracking

  • When tracking starts an sms is sent to the one you want to track you
  • SMS contains direct link to tracking map
  • No need to remember logins, URLs, passwords or application to use

Safety and integrity combined

  • Only get tracked when you want to
  • Start tracking when you feel the need for increased safety
  • Start tracking to calm a loved one who worries
  • Tracking of latest position, never where you have been, or how fast you have been going

Intuitive map

  • Latest known position displayed on map
  • Latest known activity displayed on position
  • Duration of a stand still color coded
  • Latest direction displayed, limiting search area to only 100 meters
  • Coordinates displayed to be able to notify search party
  • Coordinates clickable to get turn-by-turn directions to location in Google Maps

High accuracy and low power consumption

  • Using GPS and triangulation for maximum accuracy
  • Minimum network traffic to lower power consumption and costs
  • Auto stop feature if you forget to turn app off

Let´s go ride!

How it works

Okay so you want to go riding alone but you would like someone to watch over the ride in case somthing unexpected happens.

This is the main screen where tracking is started and stopped
This is the settings screen where timers and batteri usage is set. There is also a link to the tracking map.

Using it

What you do is to start the app and when asked select one or more SMS recipients that will get a message from you with a link.

This link when clicked will display a map where your last recorded position was. The app sends anonymous location data to a server that then generates the map.


In the settings page you can select how long the tracking will be on. And also if the tracking will be using the GPS (high battery usage) or bot (low battery usage). You can also click on the URL to see the same map as your followers see.


This is the page to read if you have any problems using RideAlone .....

Frequently asked questions

Does it use a lot of battery?

Every app that uses the GPS is heavy on the battery, it is highly recommended that you have your phone connected to some charger will you ride. That said, every measure has been taken to try to reduce the battery load. There is for example a low power mode you can use. It is switched on in the settings page. But keep in mind that the accuracy of the reported locations will be lower than when using the GPS.

Can I send location updates to more than one person?

Sure you can, in the SMS sending dialog just enter as many receivers as you like..

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